PROVENWORKSPACE has over the years carried out many assignments in the field of new ways of working. Together with our customers we create an optimal interplay: an inspiring working environment, state-of-the-art information technology and a working style that fits with the culture of the organisation. We provide added value by focusing on integrity.

The cases stated below give an impression of our activities and realised projects:

The Frisian New Way of Working at healthcare organization GGZ Friesland
Sm@rt Working at telecom provider T-Mobile
More with less at design clothing firm  MEXX
Dynamic working at a waste incineration company HVC
New Ways of working at Stamicarbon which is the licensing and IP center of Maire Tecnimont and the global market leader in the development and licensing of urea company Stamicarbon
NWoW in construction: new office concept for Van Hattum en Blankevoort
Innovative working environment concept for the Association of Dutch Municipalities (‘VNG’)
Green Office, the durable working environment of TNT Express Hoofddorp
NWoW testing ground All@work Together at Alliander
Saving space at TNT Post Package Services
Advice on the NWoW concept Advantive
NWoW concept development at the Waterlaboratorium
NWoW in health care: working together at Yulius
Working in a different way at Endinet
Advice optimisation Knowledge Centre at Knowledge and Treatment Centre (part of the Van Neynselgroep)
Madagascar, professionalising Facility Services at Rijn IJssel
Central Area Concept Development at Boswijk (part of the Van Neynselgroep)
Working Environment Concept at TNT Postal Services headquarters in The Hague
Optimisation of housing accommodation for Buma / Stemra
Dealing with resistance at launch new office at Waterschap Rijn en IJssel
Working environment TNT Benelux
New construction tailored to merging organisation TPG Document Presentment
Merging from three to one: The Waterlaboratorium
Housing Accommodation Project with OBD Northwest