Human work

2015 the year of WOW! It can be different!

We'll get to work with the organization of tomorrow, right away!

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Digital work

The human side of the digital organization: een cruciale blinde vlek in de organisatie van de 21e eeuw

Digitale competenties ontbreken, blijkt uit onderzoek.

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Physical work environment

The Frisian New Way of Working at GGZ Friesland

GGZ Friesland, better collaborate and sharing knowledge through 'Fri(e)s New Ways of Working.

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Professional Services

Partnership “New way of working @ Yulius”

A strategic cooperation between healthcare facility GGZ and Proven Workspace in relation to the new

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Control and Autonomy

Experience Dynamic Working

The Dynamic Working Experience took place at 30 June 2015 at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam, The Net

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